RNB Construction's demolition operations provide its industrial, governmental and commercial customers with the choice of partial or total dismantling of the structure or the inside. The types of demolished structures may include refineries, factories, utility facilities, hospitals, office towers, schools, residential complexes, waste piles many other types of structures and buildings.

The type of demolition is established according to the size and complexity of the project. Small-scale demolition, such as the demolition of a house, can be carried out using common machinery, equipment and method. Larger and more complex projects may require pre-design engineering measures as well as operational methods, machinery and specialized equipment.

The pre-project analysis consists of:

An in-depth review of the site;

An analysis of the quality, value and type of materials and equipment that can be repatriated from the site;

The specific demolition technique that should be applied to this particular structure. In order to obtain the expected results, the project manager and the personnel assigned to the site must have agreed on the entire project, including the type of structure involved, the planned schedule and the health and safety of workers involved in the project.

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