Environmental and Geotechnic Drilling

RNB has drilling machines to carry out your environmental and geotechnical studies. Please contact us to receive more information.

Our two (2) most popular drilling machines are the Geoprobe 420 M and the Fraste Multidrill SL.


Ideal drilling machine for limited access interiors like basements or garages. This lightweight and small yet powerful machine was specifically designed to be durable and capable to complete jobs in limited access spaces. It can be manually lifted and carried at desired location. It can easily fit in a garage or basement or any other commercial area.

Weight: 425 lbs./ 193 kg.

Height (folded): 62 in. / 158 cm.

Height (unfolded): 94 in. in. / 240 cm.

Width: 23 in. / 58.5 cm


Stroke: 42 in.

Down Force: 11,7000 lb

Retraction Force: 14,000 lb.

Hydraulic Pressure (system): 2,000 psi

Hydraulic Flow Rate (system): 12 gpm

Hammer System: GH42

Percussion Rate: 30 Hz

Torque: 345 ft. lb.

Rotation Rate (bi-directional): 125 rpm


Soil investigation

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring wells

48-in. Direct Push Tooling

Probe Rod Sizes: 2.25 in., 1.5 in., 1.25 in.

Macro Core® MC5 Soil Sampling


42-in. Stroke accommodates 36-in. Tooling

Reliable Geoprobe® GH40 hammer system

23-in. width fits easily through doorways

Pin-in outrigger legs enhance stability

Fast connexions to remote power unit

Easily portable from site to site or to remote locations


Versatile Drilling Rig – Pocket-sized yet featuring all high qualities of a large drilling rig! It will surprise you with its high reliability and productivity. The machine is mounted on rubber tracks that allow the machine to drive on any surface. Furthermore, rubber tracks will not leave any damages to paved surfaces.

Weight: 5511 lbs. / 2500 kg.

Height (folded): 87 in. / 220 cm.

Height (unfolded): 177 in. in. / 450 cm.

Width: 30 in. / 78 cm


Power: CAT C2.2 / Tier 4 I / 36,3 Kw (48,7Hp)

Fuel tank capacity: 45 l (11 gal)

Rotary head stroke: 1800-2300-2800 mm (5,9 /7,6/9,2 ft)

Pull-up: 2500 daN (5620 lbf)

Pull-down: 2500 daN (5620 lbf)

torque: 470 daNm (3466 ft lbf)

speed: 900 rpm

Clamp Ø: 40-215 mm (1,6”-8,5”)

Clamping force: 8500 daN (14162 lbf)

Break-out torque: 960 daNm (7080 ft lbf)

Main Winch: 500 daN – 50 mt/min (1124 lbf – 164 ft/min)

Quadruplex pump: 80 lt/min – 40 bar (21 gpm – 580 psi)

Hydraulic SPT device: 760 mm – 63,5 daN (30” – 142 lbf


AWJ rods

NW casing

3 1/5” and 6” drill augers

Bedrock coring NQ 40

Soil investigation

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring wells

Geotechnical drilling


Versatile: modular mast and great fitting availability to choose from

30-in. Width fits easily through doorways

Remote control

Rubber tracks

Security cage

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